Day Trading Success Stories


Each coaching client brings with them a unique personality and a set of strengths and weaknesses. Some need ongoing support whereas others simply need a minor course correction. All of them have made the decision to reach out for coaching because they know that an extra pair of eyes and ears can make all the difference.

Wherever a client is, I am fully committed to helping that person make the next breakthrough in their journey to trading mastery. I am continually amazed at how the markets challenge us all to an endless journey of self mastery. These are testimonials from clients who made their breakthrough. I hope that happens for you.


Jeffrey M., a former VP at a leading Wall Street firm, has been a licensed financial advisor since 1988 and managed tens of millions of dollars for individuals and corporations.

After he began trading the E-Mini futures, he realized something…

“I knew it wasn’t the system, it was me because I was still making mistakes based upon my mental frame of mind and I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. So I paid for coaching with Dr Reid. Let me say this: Dr. Reid’s work is the difference between me going through the motions and making money.

Under his direction I have been able to be more consistent and less emotional in my trading. I recommend his work without hesitation or reservation. He is without doubt one of the most impactful people I have ever met.”

“Dear Dr. Reid.

I want to take this opportunity to write a short note and tell you how very grateful I am for your work.

You have not only helped with trading, but far beyond that, with my personal evolution. You have been just the right influence, at just the right time…a key that has helped to unlock and open a psychological door, long sealed shut. For that I will be forever grateful.

Your kindness, attentiveness, non-judgmental nature, as well as your ability to identify my trading issues that require attention, has been invaluable.

Thank you again for all you do. I look forward to our continued work together.

Ted A.

Boston, MA

“I’ve spent over 7 years trying to learn how to trade. I tried everything and I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I spent $50,000 on coaches, webinars, seminars, books, services, scores of CD’s, newsletters… you name it, I’ve bought it. I always knew there were ways to trade that were superior to those which I was supposedly learning. I also knew that if I didn’t find the answers soon, I needed to give up trading, as I had wasted so many years and a fortune trying to learn something that was more difficult than I’d ever imagined.

When I met Kenneth Reid I was at the end of my rope. It turns out, signing up for his program was the best thing I’ve ever done. I learned more with Ken in the first 3 days than I had in years of trading. Part of the reason is that he doesn’t just teach “how to trade,” he teaches you how to be a trader. This is the most in-depth and highly personalized training I’ve ever experienced. I’ve learned how enter trades with minimal risk and maximum reward. My first day trading I had a 10 1/2 point trade on the ES. I had never done that before. He has shown me how to keep my losses very small and put myself in a position to make consistent profits.

Today, I made 19 points in the NQ and I could have made another 20 points or more by employing the lessons I’m just now learning. I’m so excited, I can barely stand it. This is the most amazing thing ever. If you’re serious about becoming a trader, sign up.”

Scott G.

“After I finished my program with you I signed up for a $5k mentoring program with a highly successful trader, but he was the worst teacher I ever had. He might actually have done more damage than good. I stayed mad for weeks. There are great teachers and great traders, but there are few who can do both. You are are one of those few, and that is why I just signed up for more.”

Mark B.

New Braunfels, TX

“As a CPA, I thought I could surely learn trading in a weekend. That was 10 years ago. This learning curve is unlike any other learning curve in any other profession. First I thought analysis was the answer; then everything became psychological. Studying that and getting aware of the problems was good, but implementing the psychological understanding was a daunting task. Your coaching has calmed me down. I did not realize that I did not have a trading plan. This has been really eye-opening for me and is what is missing for about 80% of traders. Now I can write a set of rules and execute them. I have a new confidence I never had before and that has helped me tremendously. It has been revolutionary.”

Mark M.

Dallas, TX

“I wanted a psychologist/trader, more than a pure trader and I am glad I chose this program. I didn’t realize how much damage the losing streak had caused. I had a lot more emotion tied into this than I would have ever believed. I still have a long road in front of me, but overall I am very grateful for your help, I know myself better and feel like I can move forward now. I will certainly recommend you.”

Rick W.

Ellisville, MO.

“I just had my first profitable week (5 winning days in a row) trading the 6E in a live account. Thank you for helping me turn my trading around!”

James F.

St. Louis, MO.

“The greatest thing about learning from Kenneth is his genuine enjoyment of watching his student make money from his program. He is both a successful day trader and a remarkably talented trading coach. Kenneth has made my day trading not only profitable, but enjoyable.”

Chad H.

Alberta Canada

 “I attempted to trade the e-mini S&P for years with very limited and inconsistent success until I discovered you. You have helped guide me to write a simple trading plan, focus on my system without too many confusing indicators, calmed my approach to the markets and balanced my emotional and psychological state. Now I look forward to trading each day like never before. My trading for the first full month since starting to work with you has produced consistent profits and resulted in my first meaningfully profitable month (105 ES points). Thank you! This has been a career changing event for me.”

Raymond. S.

Winston Salem, NC .

“Within less than a month Kenneth helped me reduce my anxiety levels drastically and helped me gain a higher level of profitability and productivity. He went out of his way to make sure that I walked away a better trader and more importantly a healthier and happier person. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

William C.

San Diego, CA

 “For the first time in 10 years I feel like the guys who were standing at the other end of my trades taking away my money have gone elsewhere.”

Sol M.


“Its been going really well since we last spoke. I feel that you have uncovered the missing piece of the jigsaw that had been frustrating me for so long. I had no idea that I was battling against biological deficiencies and a condition that had consistently caused me to overtrade. I used to get very frustrated with myself for making trades which I knew were impulsive and not part of plan and yet I found it virtually impossible to stop myself from doing it.

 With your help I have not traded impulsively for over a month now and the results speak for themselves when I tell you that I have only had 2 losing days in the last month and last week I had my best day for 3 months. More importantly I am able to trust myself once again. My focus and ability to ride out adverse market moves has increased dramatically and I am now once again making money on a daily basis. Thank you!”

Danny A.

Austin, TX

 “When I signed up 2 months ago, I was ready to quit trading. I felt this was my last chance. Things have definitely changed. I don’t feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail; I feel like I can manage myself and not hurt my account. I still have emotions, but I can controI them.. I can take a loss without wanting to take revenge.”


Monterey, CA.

“I do believe strongly in what you are doing and that it benefits traders tremendously. I feel everyone talks about trading psychology, but few actually show traders how to overcome the issues successfully – you will be one of the few that do.”

Gail M.

“I strongly believe in what Dr. Kenneth Reid is doing, I have received many complementary emails from my students who attended his webinars especially the one about ADD in Trading, I feel fortunate to have come across Dr. Reid. Thanks from all of us, Simon and Students.”


“I have been trading for over 5 years and decided to reach out to Dr. Reid when I was not completely satisfied with my progress. After just a few sessions, he helped me identify my weaknesses and reinforce my strengths. He was patient with my progress and kept encouraging me to improve. Dr. Reid helped me find my bearings and realign my fundamentals of trading. He has helped me grow as a trader and would recommend him to traders who take their careers seriously.” 

Note: This trader, who prefers to remain anonymous, is a top trader at an NYC prop shop. 

DISCLAIMER: “Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results! Testimonials herein are unsolicited and are non-representative of all clients; your trading results will vary.”