I offer three options for one-on-one coaching: my ‘Drive Through’ Quick Tune-up Program (billed hourly); my 14-Day Jump Start Program, and my 12-Week Trader Coaching Intensive. 

The’Drive Through’ Quick Tune-up Program

is a 60-minute highly focused consultation designed to provide you with actionable advice you can use the very next day to upgrade your trading. I’m a trader like you and I hate to wait unnecessarily. I can usually schedule you within 24 hours of booking. Sign up today and get your issue fixed tomorrow.

Sign up right here, right now.

The 14-Day JUMP START Intensive

is designed for experienced traders who are ready for a professional-grade tune-up. You may be in a slump, a drawdown phase, or you’ve somehow “lost your mojo.” (I’m a trader myself and I understand how these things happen.)

We will identify the source of the problem and get you on the road to a quick recovery.  You have personal access for 14 days via phone and Skype. Daily access to a coach who actually trades is the fastest and most efficient way to cut through the BS and make real progress.

This is not a canned program; we will do whatever is necessary and appropriate to get you back on track as quickly as possible. Cost is $1499 and you can sign up right here, right now, or fill out my contact form and discuss the details with a free 15-min. consultation call.

My Concierge 12-Week Trader Coaching Intensive

gives you unlimited access to me. The program is entirely customized to meet your specific, personal needs. It starts with a phone interview (the free 15 minute consultation). In that conversation I will learn more about your situation and you can interview me.

If we agree to proceed, then we will make a detailed assessment of your trading strengths and weaknesses, which can be done with a few questionnaires. You might find it a relief to get some objective feedback on your trading psychology.

We will then have an initial phone/Skype session where we work out a coaching plan together. The coaching plan will generally address these common trader issues:

  • Your trader personality
  • Your brain dominance
  • Your risk tendencies
  • Your core limiting beliefs
  • Your emotional stability
  • Your mental focus and discipline
  • Your trading plan and
  • Your understanding of how professional markets operate (tricks, traps, etc.)

We then work together on improving one issue at a time. Everything we do is customized, just for you.



image03I’m a trader (futures, equities and options). My trading desk doubles as my coaching office. I’m here almost all the time.

The 12-week Trader Coaching Intensive gives you unlimited access to me via phone, Skype and screen-sharing software. I believe daily contact with a coach who actually trades is the only coaching method that produces real results in a timely manner.



In addition to virtually unlimited access, when you sign up for the 12-Week Intensive Trader Coaching Program you get two valuable bonuses absolutely free.

My 10 Module Winning Trader Mindset Training Course, a $997 value. This course includes 9 positive neuroprogramming Mp3s along with 10 detailed PDFs that take you through a progression of lessons:

  • Identify your current Developmental Phase and the appropriate tasks you need to master to ‘graduate’ to the next stage.
  • Formulate a clearly defined Trading Plan so you don’t rely on Intuition,Impulse, or Improvisation.
  • Clear out Emotional Baggage so you can create and maintain a Positive Mindset even when the P&L is negative. This prevents choking, revenge trading or bailing out.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own Trader Personality to prevent self-sabotage. Self-sabotage often arises from over-utilizing your strengths and not fixing your weaknesses.
  • Understand how Genetics, Brain Dominance and your Mental Processing Style affect your ability to be cool and consistent under pressure.
  • Find your personal Balance Point between Aggression and Defensiveness so you can surf the market waves with adaptive flexibility.
  • Manage Stress so you can trade within your comfort zone, generating short-term performance with longevity.
  • Eliminate Impulsive Behaviors such as chasing or “premature ejection.”
  • Develop the Courage not to blink or hesitate when the action gets intense so you can take advantage of opportunities that others let slip away.
  • Understand the Mind Games professional traders play so you can avoid their Tricks and Traps.

You also get a year’s subscription to my Mastermind Prescription program, which gives you a weekly video training and daily mindset exercises. This program will help you develop the discipline you need for sustained success.


I work with clients of all experience levels, from relatively new traders to hedge fund traders, bank traders and Registered Investment Advisors.


Jeffrey M., a former VP at a leading Wall Street firm, has been a licensed financial advisor since 1988 and managed tens of millions of dollars for individuals and corporations.

After he began trading the E-Mini futures, he realized something…

“I knew it wasn’t the system, it was me because I was still making mistakes based upon my mental frame of mind and I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. So I paid for the course with Dr Reid. Let me say this: Dr. Reid’s work is the difference between me going through the motions and making money.

Under his direction I have been able to be more consistent and less emotional in my trading. I recommend his work without hesitation or reservation. In fact I think it should the very first course you ever take. He is without doubt one of the most impactful people I have ever met.”

If you aspire to trade professionally, or if you need to sharpen your professional edge, then do what top athletes and executives do: hire a coach.  It’s how all peak performers make consistent and efficient progress towards their goals.

The cost of the 12- week program is $4997.

Start now… it won’t cost you anything to discuss your situation with me. Schedule a FREE 15-Min. CONSULTATION  or click to SIGN UP now.

Kenneth Reid, Ph.D


Mastermind Prescription

The Cycle of Self-Sabotage can run for years. To finally break this cycle, you need to permanently root out bad behaviors and replace them with good behaviors. There's a new technology that can help you do that... for just $9.97/month. Read more.

Free AWARE Trader Personality Profile

Finally, an easy to understand Personality Profile that shows you exactly which personality traits help (and hurt) your trading! Read More


Free Report: Secrets of the Top 4%

The largest academic study ever conducted on day traders revealed that most lost money .... even during a raging bull market! About 15% did very well each year, but fewer than 4% of daytraders were able to make significant profits two years in a row. Read More


Increasing Discipline: The Easy Way! (On sale for just $149)

Many aspiring traders lack sufficient self-discipline to stay the course as a trader and protect capital during the learning curve. Willpower is not enough because trading challenges us in profound ways.

Increasing Discipline: The Easy Way is designed to help you increase self-discipline naturally, effortlessly, painlessly using (+) Neuroprogramming technology. Read More


Create a Winning Mindset: The Easy Way! (On sale for just $149)

According to Mark Douglas, the #1 characteristic of top traders is a lack of fear. These folks maintain a positive attitude regardless of the outcome of any particular trade. This technology will help you trade like they do. Read More


Risk Profile

DayTrading attracts individuals with different natural trading abilities. Some people are natural-born daytraders. These Market Wizards (4% of daytraders) are natually fearless, competitive and report little emotion in trading. Read More


Free 15-min Consultation

Trading can be a lonely profession. Chat about your trading for 15-min with a coach who trades. I may be able to offer a few quick tips that will get you back on track. Read More


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Coaching Testimonials

"When I met Kenneth Reid I was at the end of my rope. It turns out, signing up for his 6-week program was the best thing I’ve ever done. I learned more with Ken in the first 3 days than I had in years of trading. Part of the reason is that he doesn’t just teach “how to trade,” he teaches you how to be a trader.

This is the most in-depth and highly personalized training I’ve ever experienced. I’ve learned how enter trades with minimal risk and maximum reward. My first day trading I had a 10 1/2 point trade on the ES. I had never done that before. He has shown me how to keep my losses very small and put myself in a position to make consistent profits..." Read More