Trading Psychology – 12-Week Trader Coaching Program

“To make your trading dreams a reality, the Dreamer must become a Realist.”
Kenneth Reid, Ph.D


I take a systematic approach to trading and to coaching. When you sign up you receive a comprehensive coaching assessment that functions like a MRI on your trading. It allows us to identify exactly what we need to work on so we don’t waste time.

Each week of the 12-week coaching program you will focus on changing one key element. Changes will happen easily and naturally. You will soon notice that you are becoming the trader you have always wanted to be.


trader_mazeMost traders make the same mistakes over and over. It’s like we don’t learn from them. Learning depends on mental processing. My coaching program starts with an assessment of how you process the information that comes to you from your trading screen. Why is this important?

Traditionally, traders learned to trade by apprenticing in the trading pits of Chicago and New York. The process took years, but it produced great traders. Ancedotally, 95% of pit traders are profitable.

Today, most people are trading with screens at home and the profitability ratio has reversed. The difference is in the nature of the information flow. Let me explain.

stable_traders_brainPit traders are immersed in a flow of information that comes to them in three ways: they see, hear and feel price action. When all three sensory channels are activated, it gives us a 3-D picture of the market’s mood.

Screen traders, however, only get input through their visual channel. Unfortunately, that’s not the best channel for everyone. If you are not visually dominant, you won’t be able to process the information jumping off your screen quickly and effectively. So, the first thing we assess is your sensory dominance.

My job as your trading coach is to help you identify the things about your trading that are difficult to perceive on your own. Therefore, we also assess:

    • Your trader personality,
    • Your brain dominance,
    • Your risk tendencies,
    • Your core limiting beliefs,
    • Your emotional stability,
    • Your mental focus and discipline,
    • Your trading plan and
    • Your understanding of how professional markets operate (tricks, traps, etc.)

We then work together on improving one issue at a time. You will have daily assignments and feedback, but the assignment are not canned. Everything we do is customized, just for you. That’s what real coaching is all about.

I’m a trader, just like you. My trading desk is my coaching office. I offer my clients an intensive 12-week Trader Coaching Program that includes unlimited access to me via phone, Skype and screen-sharing software. I believe daily contact with a coach that trades is the only method that produces real changes and real results.

“Last night I caught +90 and +74 in the euro futures on one trade for $2050 gross profit.
Thank you, Dr. Reid!” James F., St. Louis, MO


Trading Psychology Coaching Program - Success

I am a competitive tennis player. Even though I don’t play for money, I have a coach and a personal trainer. Professional athletes would not think of competing without a coach and a trainer because it’s simply impossible to see our own errors in real time.

If you aspire to trade professionally, then I urge you to approach your trading as you would a competitive sport. Get serious. Get the help you need in order to excel.

The cost of my 12-Week Intensive program is $4997, less than what some traders lose on a single bad day. I also offer longer-term programs tailored just to you.

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If you take no other action today my friend, be sure you order my Positive (+) Neuroprogramming MP3 TRAINING  A WINNING MINDSET. Nothing is more important than becoming proactive about your mental-emotional state while trading. It could save you thousands!

Kenneth Reid, Ph.D