Total Brain Conditioning

Without Self-Mastery there is no possibility of developing trading mastery.”
Kenneth Reid, Ph.D

Total Brain ConditioningTM (TBC) promotes the mind’s natural growth and change process. TBC is a proprietary form of audio neuroprogramming that engages the whole brain, even the “primitive” parts that control impulsiveness, fear, fight, flight and freeze reactions. The goal is a new mindset–one in which you are in control…of yourself.  Without self-mastery, there is no possibility of trading mastery. The transition from over-focus on the market to a focus on one’s own state of mind can be a profound paradigm shift for aspiring traders.


Scientific Background

Root of trader stress

Accessing the Winning Trader’s Mindset explains in scientific detail why a confident mental attitude is absolutely crucial in trading. Confidence is your only defense against your brain switching to “survival mode,” a mental-emotional condition run by the amygdala in which you are at high risk of self-sabotaging behaviors.

My Accessing the Winning Trader’s Mindset Mp3 then implements two key neuroprogramming protocols that Clear Negativity and install New Beliefs and Habits.

Clearing Negativity

toxic mental attitude in trading

A “Toxic Mental Attitude” (TMA) is a combination of thoughts (beliefs), feelings and impulse-driven behaviors that get in the way of successful trading. Because a TMA involves deep brain structures, a trader cannot simply will himself/herself out of the self-defeating loop.

How can you tell if you have a Toxic Mental Attitude? You will be:

  1. Trading Not To Lose;
  2. Trading Not To Miss Out, and/or
  3. Trading To Be Right.

If you are Trading Not To Lose… you will not be able to stay in a winning trade, so you will be a Breakeven Trader, or worse.

If you are Trading Not To Miss Out… you will chase price and buy too high or sell (short) too low.

If you are Trading To Be Right… you will have poor risk management and end up taking large losses.

Ironically, in each case you will create the very thing you were trying to avoid.

Traders who experience chronic or excessive losses often develop a deep-seated negative expectancy about trading. This negativity sits deep in the limbic brain and becomes a very limiting, self-fulfilling prophecy. The more one tries to avoid losses, the more one inadvertently creates them.  The more one tries to avoid missing out, the more often one is left behind. The more one tries to be right, the more one is wrong.

My Accessing the Winning Trader’s Mindset Mp3 simply helps clear away the residue of negativity directly in order to prepare to install the beliefs associated with a confident, winning attitude. You do not have to create a manic NLP state to make profound changes in how you think and feel. The negativity can be gently washed away.

“I wanted to let you know that the mp3 files are really starting to work. I have been battling with this fear of losing for a couple of years now and it was getting worse and worse. I was beginning to feel pretty hopeless about it all. I have listened to the files about two weeks and there is a big diference. it is not imaginary. I can pull the trigger and it feels fine. Instead of focusing on not losing I am now focusing on looking for good setups, which is one of the ideas in the second file on installing new beliefs: quite a difference. Amazing.” Jody C, Australia.

Installing New Habits and Beliefs

total brain conditioning

Once the negativity is cleared, my Accessing the Winning Trader’s Mindset Mp3 helps you install the key habits and beliefs of winning traders. The total brain conditioning targets crucial trader issues such as fear of losing, fear of missing out, compulsive top and bottom picking and compulsive trading against the trend.

“I used to get killed trying to pick bottoms and tops on strong trend days. That would completely demoralize me. Not only did I miss out on a great day, but I lost considerable capital. Your TBC [total brain conditioning] program helped me eliminate this self-sabotaging mind twist. Thank you!” M. Bradshaw, Chicago, IL.

The technique: Listen to the neuroprogram once a day for 21 days, using headphones.

The expected result: A dramatic reduction in anxiety and in reactive, self-sabotaging behavior; a new level of objectivity; an increased ability to accurately perceive the opportunity flow in the market; and a greater ability to trade your plan.


You can order the complete downloadable Winning Trader’s Mindset MP3 for just $249.00. Click here to order now.


If you want only the Pain Eraser portion of the Winning Trader’s Mindset Mp3 you can order that separately for just $147. The Pain Eraser is designed to remove emotional baggage caused by losses so you can make a fresh start.

Here’s what Mike R. wrote:

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Pain Eraser Mp3. I have been troubled by my previous losses and it was affecting my trading by stopping me from taking qualified trades.

I listened to the Pain Eraser Mp3 twice on the 1st and 2nd days, then daily for the last few days. I don’t know how or why, but it works!. The memory of previous losses was debilitating and now I can remember the losses but I’m not emotionally disturbed by them. The pain has been “erased!”

I use PayPal for all transactions. You don’t need to have a PayPal account; you can use your credit card. When I receive notice of payment I will send you a link to download the MP3 files.

Custom MP3 Programs!

If you are an experienced trader who needs to sharpen your edge, consider a custom MP3 designed to address your specific issue(s). We do a brief phone or Skype interview to determine the exact focus. The cost is just $447 and it can be yours in just a few days. Use the Consultation Contact Form on this site to schedule the interview.

“I have been a successful trader, but recently hit a rough patch that undermined my confidence. After using the custom MP3 for just a few days, I traded the CL and 6E with authority! My results are as follows: Mon. +$405, Tues. +$147, Wed. +$1448, Th. +$721, Fri. +$1530. Eric A, Seattle, WA.


I offer a complete 6-Week Trading Coaching Program for just $2997, a fraction of what some traders lose on a single bad day. My program isn’t canned, it is customized just for you. Together, we will analyze your entire trading situation (mental, emotional, behavioral, biochemical) and formulate an individualized program that will take you to the next level in just six weeks. Clients who work the program invariably experience a dramatic turnaround in their relationship to trading and in their bottomline. 

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