Dr. Kenneth Reid’s Pain Eraser MP3

Dear Trader:

Unprocessed emotion from previous losses will tend to make us trade-not-to-lose or trade-to-make-it-back. Either approach is non-productive.

Below, you will be able to download my Pain Eraser MP3.

Listen to the Pain Eraser Mp3 to clear negative emotional residue from trading.

Listen as often as necessary (for a few days or weeks) until you feel some emotional space opening up inside you, which you may experience as a sense of calm neutrality when thinking about the market and about previous losses.

If you notice that you start to fall asleep while listening to it, that is a sign that you have cleared the emotional residue.

You must use stereo earphones with the Pain Eraser and it is not designed to be listened to while trading or driving or operating machinery. It is designed to relax you and also help you process emotion. If you have any negative reaction to it, discontinue.

I also offer a free 15-minute consultation to all traders.

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Kenneth Reid, Ph.D.