You will find a testimonial page on this website, where former clients have reported very significant changes in their attitudes and results. This page is different.

Below you will see links to some performance graphs showing daily trading results of various clients, as well as myself.

The key metrics for me are the Win Rate and the Profit Factor, which measure consistency. These reports are generated in TradeStation’s Trade Manager Analysis.

I recommend that you track your daily performance graphically and statistically. It’s much more important than a daily journal reporting on your mental/emotional state. If your trading is consistent, the rest doesn’t matter, and if it’s not consistent, then something needs to be fixed and you might want to consider getting outside help.

Generally, the economics (dollar value of losses vs cost of coaching) strongly favor coaching. When clients come to me after a period of extended losses, they feel double regret… first for the loss and second for the delay in seeking help.

These examples are presented for educational purposes only. Your results will differ.

Example #1.

These results are from a client trading crude oil futures in a very small account. I always recommend that when aspiring traders move from SIM to live that they trade in an under-leveraged manner. This trader used the QM mini crude oil contract, trading one contract and averaged only one trade per day over a six week period. This individual has a day job; he does not trade full time. It took him about a year to turn his trading around.

6-weeks live trading-2

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Other results…

Click the links below to see the chart for that day.

3/5/15  $899.60

3/4/15 $1185.60

2/23/15 $663.20

2/17/15 $1111.80

2/13/15 $656.00

2/9/15 $699.60

2/6/15 $1735.40

2/4/15 $602.00

2/3/15 $1674.60

2/2/15 $999.00

1/20/15 $634.40