Positive (+) Neuroprogramming for Traders

“Why do you need to re-program your mind for trading success? Because it is already pre-programmed to fail.”
                                    Kenneth Reid, Ph.D. 

What is the #1 characteristic of top traders?

In his book Trading in the Zone, Mark Douglas says, simply, “Great traders are not afraid.”

I would go one step further. I’ve worked with some of the best traders in the business. I’m talking about guys with unlimited capital, trading 6-9 markets at the same time.

The one thing that differentiates them is that they are POSITIVE about everything that happens to them and everything they do. This POSITIVE attitude enables them to think clearly, take losses in stride and not be ego-inflated by their wins.

Positive Trading Psychology – Why it works

I’m 100% certain that they are not positive merely because they are winning; they win because they are positive to begin with. (There is ample evidence from the world of clinical psychology and sports psychology to back up this assertion.)

Most aspiring traders, on the other hand, are over-focused on double negatives (not losing, not being wrong, not missing out), but in real life and in trading, two negatives never makes a positive.

Instead, that attitude actually confuses and demoralizes the brain, resulting in poor decision making and impulsive, erratic behavior. I’ve seen this in countless traders and the research literature supports this conclusion.


There’s a simple reason traders fall into the Negativity Trap: the human brain is hardwired to pay the most attention to bad news. (No doubt you’ve heard the expression in the news business, “If it bleeds, it leads.”)

Do you remember the joyous moments in trading as vividly as the painful ones? Probably not.

After a brief honeymoon, aspiring traders gradually pay more and more attention to losses and less and less to wins. We start to obsess about them.

And even though you may know intellectually that losses are normal and cannot be avoided, a critical part of your brain absolutely thinks otherwise.

positive neuroprogramming 6-125


There is a part of your brain that I call the Risk Manager, that frets about every single loss… and that’s a problem.

You will find it difficult to take losses in stride because your Risk Manager’s Prime Directive is to keep you alive and keep you and your family fed. A failure to bring home the “bacon,” or losing the bacon you already had, is something the RM takes very seriously.

You see, survival isn’t an “option,” it’s an imperative, so the attitudes and behaviors that bear directly upon our survival are controlled not by our thoughts, which are variable, but by our instincts, which are invariably reliable, but also narrowly focused, intense and intrusive all-or-nothing reactions.

Root of trader stressFinancial losses (or any size) threaten our basic sense of security, so they are closely scrutinized by the Risk Manager lodged deep in the primitive part of our brain. In fact, your brain is programmed to feel the pain of financial loss acutely, so that it has a better chance of avoiding it next time.

I’m not making this up. Clinical studies show that financial losses have about 2.5 times the emotional impact compared to the pleasure that comes from winning the same amount of money. This built-in neurological imbalance has huge consequences for your trading.

That’s why I created Positive (+) NeuroProgramming. It gives traders just like you the tools you need to immunize yourself against your own negativity, so that you can trade exactly like the best traders….with clarity, confidence and courage.


In a normal business environment your job security is not on the line every moment of every day, so your brain’s primal Risk Manager is not activated. Trading, however, puts your brain on high alert. Then what happens?

toxic mental attitude in trading1) First of all, the pain of small losses gets exaggerated. This can make trading feel like “death by a thousand cuts.” And because the Risk Manager in the brain cannot actually count, I’ve literally seen millionaire traders agonize over a $100 loss!

Feeling the pain of every loss leads to a toxic mental attitude, one is trading-not-to-lose, but at the same time unconsciously expecting to lose. 

2) If the aspiring trader doesn’t win at least twice as often as he or she loses, the trader’s brain drops into a “reward deficit.” In this stressed out state of mind, one’s trading edge is compromised and it becomes impossible to follow one’s plan. You lose patience, you lose clarity and you lose courage.

3) If a large loss occurs, there are two possible outcomes. For some traders, the pain of loss leads to an avoidant response (like risk aversion), which means they find it virtually impossible to stay in a winning trade thereafter. This is breakeven hell.

For those with a different temperament, a larger-than-expected loss is highly activating. These folks get mad and want to get even. Eventually, however, their own volatility results in a blown up account over and over again.


If  you have a system with a high win rate, you might be able to postpone the inevitable, but sooner or later, we all have to face the pain of loss. Most of us are not prepared for that day of reckoning.

To meet the challenge successfully, it is imperative that you create a mindset that is  “bulletproof.” By that I mean, a mindset that can quickly rebound from losses so they don’t create a self-fulfilling cycle of doom.

Positive NeuroProgramming (+NP) promotes the mind’s resiliency by immediately neutralizing the negativity that spontaneously arises from losses. This prevents the neural cascade that takes a trader into the paralysis of endless analysis or into a desperate fight with Mr. Market.

The goal is a bulletproof mindset–one in which you are in control…of yourself.  Without self-mastery, there is no possibility of trading mastery.

positive neuroprogramming5-Mp3


My “Training a Winning Mindset” Mp3 has three advanced neuro-conditioning protocols that Clear Negativity, Install Positive Beliefs and Train your Brain to remain clear-minded, resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity.

It is essential that you clear away the residue of negativity first in order to prepare to install the beliefs associated with a confident, winning attitude. With (+)NP, the negativity is gently washed away before positive beliefs are installed.

Here’s what Mike R. wrote:

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Pain Eraser portion of the (+)NP. I have been troubled by my previous losses and it was affecting my trading by stopping me from taking qualified trades.I listened to the Pain Eraser twice on the 1st and 2nd days, then daily for the last few days. I don’t know how or why, but it works!. The memory of previous losses was debilitating and now I can remember the losses but I’m not emotionally disturbed by them. The pain has been “erased!”

Deep-seated neural confidence is your only defense against your brain switching to “survival mode,” a mental-emotional condition in which you are at high risk of reactive, self-sabotaging behaviors.

“I wanted to let you know that the Mp3 files are really starting to work. I have been battling with this fear of losing for a couple of years now and it was getting worse and worse. I was beginning to feel pretty hopeless about it all. I have listened to the files about two weeks and there is a big difference. it is not imaginary. I can pull the trigger and it feels fine. Instead of focusing on not losing I am now focusing on looking for good setups, which is one of the ideas in the second file on installing new beliefs: quite a difference. Amazing.” Jody C, Australia.


total brain conditioning

Once the negativity is cleared, my Training a Winning Mindset Mp3 helps you install the key beliefs of winning traders.

Positive (+) Neuroprogramming targets crucial trader issues such as fear of losing, fear of missing out, compulsive top and bottom picking and compulsive trading against the trend.

“I used to get killed trying to pick bottoms and tops on strong trend days. That would completely demoralize me. Not only did I miss out on a great day, but I lost considerable capital. Your (+)NP program helped me eliminate this self-sabotaging mind twist. Thank you!” M. Bradshaw, Chicago, IL.

The technique: Listen to my (+)NeuroProgramming Mp3 once a day for 21 days, using headphones.

The expected result: A dramatic reduction in anxiety and in reactive, self-sabotaging behavior; a new level of objectivity; an increased ability to accurately perceive the opportunity flow in the market; and a greater ability to trade your plan.

You can order the complete downloadable Training a Winning Mindset MP3 for just $247.00 $99.00. Click here to order now.

I use PayPal for all transactions. You don’t need to have a PayPal account; you can use your credit card. When I receive notice of payment I will send you a link to download the MP3 files.

Custom MP3 Programs!

If you are an experienced trader who needs to sharpen your edge, consider a custom MP3 designed to address your specific issue(s). We do a brief phone or Skype interview to determine the exact focus. The cost is just $447 and it can be yours in just a few days. Use the Consultation Contact Form on this site to schedule the interview.

“I have been a successful trader, but recently hit a rough patch that undermined my confidence. After using the custom MP3 for just a few days, I traded the CL and 6E with authority! My results are as follows: Mon. +$405, Tues. +$147, Wed. +$1448, Th. +$721, Fri. +$1530. Eric A, Seattle, WA.


I offer a complete 12-Week Trading Coaching Program for just $4997, a fraction of what some traders lose on a single bad day. My program isn’t canned, it is customized just for you. Together, we will analyze your entire trading situation (mental, emotional, behavioral, biochemical) and formulate an individualized program that will take you to the next level in just weeks! Clients who work the program invariably experience a dramatic turnaround in their relationship to trading and in their bottomline. 

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PLEASE, my friend, don’t wait another moment to gain more control of your trading. Make Your Breakthrough Now!

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