Why do you need to re-program your mind for trading success?

Because it’s already
programmed to fail.

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Install the right mindset before you start your day.
Reprogram your unconscious mind for success.
Prevent self-sabotage.

Build consistency in an inconsistent market.
Go for greatness… Master the Game…

… in just 10 minutes! 

Dr. Kenneth Reid

Kenneth Reid, Ph.D.
Trading Coach and Active Day Trader

“Your Morning Tune-Up Mp3 is really starting to work. I have listened about two weeks and there is a big difference. It is not imaginary. I can pull the trigger and it feels fine. Instead of focusing on not losing I am now focusing on looking for good setups… quite a difference. Amazing.”                         

                          James C.

Bulletproof self-control throughout the trading day.

Own the mental skills that empower the top 5%.

Trade Better in 10 Minutes


Know thyself.  Coach thyself. 

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