Many aspiring traders lack sufficient self-discipline to protect capital during the learning curve. Willpower is not enough because trading challenges us in profound ways.

My Increasing Discipline: The Easy Way MP3 is designed to help you increase self-discipline naturally, effortlessly, painlessly using Neuroprogramming technology.  

But before you start on that part, it is essential that you clear away the residue of negativity first in order to prepare to install the beliefs associated with a confident, winning attitude. With this MP3, the negativity is gently washed away before positive beliefs are installed.

The technique: Listen to my (+) NeuroProgramming Mp3 once a day for 21 days, using headphones.

The expected result: A dramatic reduction in anxiety and in reactive, self-sabotaging behavior; a new level of objectivity; an increased ability to accurately perceive the opportunity flow in the market; and a greater ability to trade your plan.

You can order the complete downloadable Increasing Discipline the Easy Way MP3 for just $149.00 $99.00.

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