Dr. Reid’s Funded Trader Program

Are you an aspiring futures trader?

Are you an aspiring futures trader?

Are you under-capitalized?

Or not entirely sure you want to risk your savings while you are still learning?

If so, there is a way for you to get a live funded account as large as $150,000… and you get to keep 80% of the profits.

What’s the catch?

You must demonstrate the ability to trade a simulated account consistently over a period of 15 days and reach a modest profit goal. That’s it.

Achieving a profit goal can be a psychological breakthrough for many traders, but the Journey itself is equally valuable. I’ve found that traders who make it through this evaluation process dramatically improve self-discipline, risk management and other valuable trader skills.

I know… I’ve been through the program myself. I guarantee you will see your mindset and your skill set more objectively. It’s a fabulous way to move your trading to the next level.

If you are interested in this opportunity I offer a 90-minute Funded Trader Consultation that will help you determine if you are ready to start a funded trader program. We will review the technical and psychological factors that might impact your success, so you can consciously address any shortcomings in advance.



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