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Virtually anyone can go from consistently losing
to consistently winning… with the proper coaching.

Learn From a Day Trading Coach Who Trades Every Day

Trading is the only potentially high-paying, work-at-home profession I know of where people expect almost instant positive results.

That’s because it looks easy in hindsight. But trading is harder than it looks.

Most traders struggle for years with losses or break-even results. Some losses are unavoidable. Unnecessary losses accumulate because men rarely ask for directions even when we are stuck.

Focused coaching by a coach who actually trades every day can speed up the initial learning and integration process by a factor of 10.

Jack 10:19 AM

I’m up $7k since we started working together a month ago, with one red day.
I almost equalled my day job salary after taxes. I’m excited to carry this momentum into next month!

Dr. Reid 10:20 AM Let’s keep it going!

And coaching helps accomplished traders maintain their edge, which is why pro tennis players travel with coaches. If you want to trade for a living or for supplemental income, it might be time to get on the professional track.

Sometimes results come fast after coaching starts. This trader had been trading for 10 years with mixed results and he was very motivated to change. His results are a-typical but nevertheless possible.


Jeffrey M., a former VP at a leading Wall Street firm, has been a licensed financial advisor since 1988 and managed tens of millions of dollars for individuals and corporations.

After he began trading the E-Mini futures, he realized something…

“I knew it wasn’t the system, it was me because I was still making mistakes based upon my mental frame of mind and I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. So I paid for coaching with Dr Reid. Let me say this: Dr. Reid’s work is the difference between me going through the motions and making money.

Under his direction I have been able to be more consistent and less emotional in my trading. I recommend his work without hesitation or reservation. He is without doubt one of the most impactful people I have ever met.”

I offer three options for one-on-one coaching…

  • The 90-Minute Tune-up
  • The Trader Mastery Program (month-by-month)
  • My Concierge Program

The 90-Minute Tune-up. This 90-minute highly focused consultation is designed to provide you with actionable advice you can use the very next day to upgrade your trading. You get objective and practical guidance from an expert who has coached some of the world’s best traders. Call today, trade better tomorrow. $297

The Trader Mastery Program is customized to meet your specific, personal needs. We start out with a phone interview in which I learn more about your situation and you can interview me.

If we agree to proceed, we meet 3 times a week on Skype or Zoom. We address any ongoing psychological issues, set goals, measure progress and refine trading skills. $1497/mo.

My Concierge Program is designed to provide daily support to prop shop traders and other individuals who trade significant capital. This program is entirely customized regarding frequency and duration. We address both technical and mindset factors. Individual results will vary, but I’ve been able to help some high-intensity traders 10X results in less than a year. Contact me to discuss whether this program is right for you. From $4997/mo.

Thanks for reviewing my coaching programs. To find the best fit for you, contact me for a free consultation.