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Virtually anyone can go from consistently losing
to consistently winning… with the proper coaching.

Learn From a Day Trading Coach Who Trades

Trading is the only potentially high-paying, work-at-home profession I know of where  people expect almost instant positive results.

That’s because it looks easy in hindsight. But trading is harder than it looks.

Most traders struggle for years with losses or break-even results. Some losses are unavoidable. Unnecessary losses accumulate because men rarely ask for directions even when we are stuck.

Focused coaching by a coach who actually trades every day can speed up the initial learning and integration process by a factor of 5. 

Jack 10:19 AM

I’m up $7k since we started working together a month ago, with one red day.
I almost equalled my day job salary after taxes. I’m excited to carry this momentum into next month!

Coaching helps accomplished traders maintain their edge, which is why pro tennis players travel with coaches. If you want to trade for a living or for supplemental income, it might be time to get on the professional track.

Sometimes results come fast after coaching starts. This trader had been trading for 10 years with mixed results and he was very motivated to change. His results are a-typical but nevertheless possible.

I offer five options for one-on-one coaching…

Option #1: The 90-Minute Tune-up. This 90-minute highly focused consultation is designed to provide you with actionable advice you can use the very next day to upgrade your trading. You get objective and practical guidance from an expert who has coached some of the world’s best traders. Call today, trade better tomorrow. $297

The Trader Mastery Program (Options 2,3 & 4) is for the trader with 1-2 years of experience who has come up against problems that he/she can’t solve.

The onboarding process is simple: you will have the opportunity to take a free assessment that gives me an instant MRI of your trader personality. Then we have a chat before you sign up to confirm compatibility. Lastly, you fill out three questionnaires before we have our first session.

This information enables me to create a customized coaching plan and we hit the ground running in session #1. This client had a significant change after just two sessions.

The coaching process itself is focused and practical. We go over every one of your trades together.  You’ll get immediate feedback that will guide you for the next few days. You’ll also have unlimited email and Skype chat access to me so you can ask any questions that come up between sessions.

What results should you expect?  You’ll regain confidence, consistency, and clarity about your methods and mindset. You’ll learn from a coach who actually trades every day.

Select one of the three options below. If you’re unsure about signing up, book a free consultation.

Option #5: My Concierge Program is similar to my Trader Mastery Program, but it’s for prop shop traders, hedge fund traders, and high-net-worth individuals who trade significant size. This program offers 24/7 support.

Contact me to discuss whether this program is right for you. Starting at $4997/mo.