CTPP-Emotional Clearing

Welcome fellow trader!

Congratulations on completing the Comprehensive Trader Personality Profile.

Now that you’ve learned about your profile, what are your next steps? Here’s a start. Reflect on this question: are you carrying any emotional baggage from your past trading?

Research tells us that the first step in overcoming negative trading behaviors is by something called, “Emotional Clearing”.

In the audio below, you will learn all about emotional clearing and how it can help your trading.


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In the above audio, you’ll learn…

  • Why some are more sensitive to losses and emotional challenges than others when it comes to trading.
  • How there are degrees of loss aversion and different levels of anxiety during trading.
  • How Emotional Clearing can clear out negative feels of regret or anxiety of past losses.
  • Why your brain has a hard time differentiating between financial loss and physical danger (this may impact your trading by more than 2x to 3x).
  • What is job #1 when it comes to trading.

Emotional Clearing helps you erase, or clear out, some of the past losses and anxiety. This helps you free you up. You can focus on the job at hand:successful trading

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Get a fresh start. Try Dr. Kenneth Reids Pain Eraser.

Pain Eraser Neuro Program MP3 – Reconnect with the real time opportunity flow in the market. Trade analysis and timing happen after you are free from previous losses.

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