Coaching Program Overview


What do you get when you sign up for my Winning Trader’s Mindset coaching program for traders?

You get 10 powerful experiential modules that take you on an experiential journey toward trading mastery. There’s nothing like it on the market today.

MODULE #1 guides you step by step to unleash the unstoppable drive that will truly motivate you to succeed day in and day out.

MODULE #2 reveals the hidden pattern of Trader Development (you’ve never seen this before!) so you can understand the obstacles you face and the tasks you must complete to move to the next stage.

MODULE #3 takes you Through the Looking Glass on a personal exploration of your previously uncharted Trader Personality.

MODULE #4 teaches you about your Mental Processing Style, which affects everything about your trading.

MODULE #5 reveals the psychological markers of Risk Aversion and how to overcome it.

MODULE #6 empowers you to stop reckless Risk Seeking behavior and increase discipline.

MODULE #7 gives you the complete Trader Rx for Controlling Stress and Emotions.

MODULE #8 takes you on a journey into the Trader Twilight Zone to further enhance emotional control. It includes a special section on how your Hemispheric Brain Dominance affects your trading.

MODULE #9 is all about achieving Peak Performance (Playing to Win) and how to avoid becoming your own worst enemy in the process.

MODULE #10 provides a detailed Summary of the previous modules in a format that is easy to review, enabling you to integrate all the secrets of the program years to come.

Each of the 10 modules includes a PDF of the entire lesson and a video version. Through this multi-channel learning experience you will be able to assimilate the content faster and better. Plus, each module includes special assessments and exercises designed to give you deep personal insight. But wait, (as they say on TV) ….there’s even more.


As a special bonus, all core modules come with a unique Mp3 audio program that incorporates my Total Brain Conditioning™ technology to enhance the pace and depth of change.

The brain conditioning Mp3s are compact, yet amazingly powerful.

Here’s what Mike R. wrote:

” “I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the “Pain Eraser” Mp3 that accompanies Module #1. I have been troubled by my previous losses and it was affecting my trading by stopping me from taking qualified trades.

“I listened to the Pain Eraser Mp3 twice on the 1st and 2nd days, then daily for the last few days. I don’t know how or why, but it works! The memory of previous losses was debilitating and now I can remember the losses, but I am no longer emotionally disturbed by them. The pain has been “Erased!”

On this website I sell these specialized Mp3s individually for $250 each, but you get nine of them when you sign up for the Winning Trader’s Mindset program at no extra charge! That’s an amazing $2250 in savings!


I charge $450 for a 90-minute consultation and email support is extra. When you sign up for the Winning Trader’s Mindset program you get a full hour of personal consultation plus a year of email support absolutely free!


If after going through the course, you decided to sign up for my 12-week one-on-one coaching program, the entire course fee is deductible!



Act now to change your trading forever! Why?

The reason is simple: when something gets out of balance in our psychology, our improvised solutions tend to make things worse.

If we don’t get effective and timely guidance when our trading goes off track we can inflict serious damage to our accounts as we try harder and harder to fix a problem that we really don’t understand. Or we become so discouraged that we want to give up on the whole trading enterprise before we reach our original goal!

If you are not living up to your potential, I want to help you turn your trading around, just like R.H. did.

“At one point, I lost 5 figures a day for 5 days in a row (2 days more than $25k). I thought it was over for me as a trader. I was in so much mental pain and my confidence was shot. Every trade I did was wrong. I felt beat up and defeated. …Then, from my work with Dr. Reid, everything changed for me. I mean everything. I began to understand why I had been successful and why I failed, and I made a full recovery.” ~ R.H.

Sign up NOW and receive immediate access to my Winning Trader’s Mindset program.

Take full advantage of the unlimited email support for a full year and a private 60-minute consultation with me.

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“By far, this has been the best market-related learning experience I have ever had. Thanks again! All the best.” ~ Don B. – Charlotte, NC

“Kenneth has made my day trading not only profitable, but enjoyable.” ~ Chad H. – Alberta, Canada

“For the first time in 10 years, I feel like the guys who were standing at the other end of my trades taking away my money have gone elsewhere.” ~ Sol M. – New York City, NY

“I didn’t realize that the issue was me. …subsequently, I have had numerous 4-figure days. I made $2,800 on one trade on 11/8. On 12/5, I made $4,100 in 90 minutes. This is more success than I had ever imagined…” ~ Dennis S.

“I know myself better and feel like I can move forward now. I certainly recommend you.” ~ Rick W. – Ellisville, MO

“…I am now able to trade fearlessly. This is amazing to me. I average 10-15 ticks a day in the S&P futures, and am ramping up my size so I can make $1500/day. They say the S&P futures is one of the hardest markets to trade. I’m no genius, but even so, my results are consistent. I rarely have a losing day.” ~ R.P. – Coralville, Iowa.

“I have a new confidence I never had before, and that has helped me tremendously. It has been revolutionary.” ~ Mark M. – Dallas, TX

“My trading, for the first full month since starting to work with you, has produced consistent profits and resulted in my first meaningfully profitable month. …Thank you! This has been a career changing event for me.” ~ Raymond S. – Winston Salem, NC

“It’s been going really well since we last spoke. I feel that you have uncovered the missing piece of the jigsaw that had been frustrating me for so long. …and the results speak for themselves…” ~ Danny A. – Austin, TX

“I just had my first profitable week (5 winning days in a row) trading the 6E in a live account. Thank you for helping me turn my trading around!” ~ James F. – St. Louis, MO