Meet Dr. Kenneth Reid

I began my trading journey during the tech/dot com boom in the mid-1990’s. I had recently retired from a business I created and was looking for something fun to do while working on my Masters Degree in Counseling.

Three things coincided to create an irresistible vortex of opportunity that I couldn’t ignore.

First, the Internet exploded from dial up to DSL to broadband;  second low-cost online brokerages suddenly popped up (Schwab and E-Trade), and third, financial media (CNBC) arrived to host the spectacle.

I remember the day I made $5000 in one trade… and I was hooked. I also remember the day I lost $30k, which should tell you how naïve I was. I paid a lot of tuition directly to the market because trading education was hit or miss. It was the Wild West, every man/women for themselves. We all learned by trial and error and of course that’s the most expensive way.

Somehow I managed to survive.

Stock picking newsletters were popular at the time and I subscribed to several. As the market peaked in the year 2000, I noticed a major change in the weather… but my favorite stock newsletter was still uber-bullish.

I was a technical trader and I would rewrite the publisher’s editorials and send them back to him with a bearish twist.

He was remarkably polite about it all and we struck up a conversation that eventually led to me being hired to take over the editorial tasks so he could start a money management division.

So while finishing up my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I worked as the Senior Editor, Head Trader and Model Portfolio Manager for one of the largest financial newsletters in the U.S.

I retired a second time in 2012 to pursue coaching and software development full-time, along with trading futures for my own account.