Welcome trader! I’m Dr. Kenneth Reid.

If I’m correct, you dream of working from a home office and trading for a living.

I had that same dream and today I’m living it. But getting here wasn’t easy.

In 2012 I retired from my day-job as Senior Editor and Head Trader at a large financial newsletter. Frankly, it was a major challenge not to have a steady paycheck. I was suddenly trading ‘scared money’ and it’s almost impossible to win with that mindset.

I should know.  

I have a Ph.D. in psychology and I’ve been a trading coach since 2001. But suddenly I needed a coach myself (!) and couldn’t find one. I was entirely on my own.  

I was surprised how long it took me to develop a personal trading method for my own account. Something I could trust day in and day out. 

I’ll tell you what really helped me… a reminder from Richard Branson: “Complexity is the enemy.” 

I realized that over the years I had accumulated too much information and had too many choices. I was overloaded, inefficient and therefore ineffective more often that I cared to admit.    

I worked hard to simplify my own trading and only then did it become focused, efficient and effective.  

I’m convinced that the success we all seek must be grounded in a technical method that is “as simple as possible, but not simpler.” 

I strive for an elegant and functional simplicity with a high win rate. This can be achieved with a back-to-basics approach if the method uses the right uncorrelated indicators on a tradable market.  

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complexity will drive you crazy

Traders get paid to put on calculated risk. But risk is stressful if we don’t have a protocol for dealing with the Uncertainty of Outcome.  

Stressed out traders make mistakes.

They become easy targets for those who make a living exploiting the predictable behavior of amateurs.  

Mark Douglas has this to say… 

Method and Mindset

“It is almost impossible for the beginning trader to make a reasonable assessment of the level of expertise that is required to function in a trading environment.”
              — Mark Douglas, The Disciplined Trader


Mastermind Pro Video Coaching Program

Learning to trade is a Hero’s Journey with a beginning, a middle and an end point. Most people get stuck in the middle… I call it The Tangled Web. 

To get unstuck, the aspiring trader first needs to develop a method that has a high win rate (70% or better.)  That’s actually easier than it sounds if you keep things simple. 

Then we need to stabilize our Mindset so we can execute the method in a live market and not screw up.

As we go deeper down the trader rabbit hole, we come face to face with the deeper parts of ourselves. These are the ingrained tendencies and habits of mind that sabotage good trading. 

Mastermind Pro is designed to help traders cultivate the proper probabilistic Mindset (the same mindset the famous “Turtles” had) along with the technical and tactical elements that reinforce it.  

Technique and Mindset have a synergistic relationship.    


Whatever your level of intelligence, education or success in life, learning to trade for a living is likely to be the most difficult challenge you have ever faced.

Your business skills will not help you because the day trading environment is completely different than the business environment. Moreover, you are likely to confront certain things about yourself that you are unprepared for. 

You may be driven to master trading because it holds the secret not only to your financial future, but to your own self-mastery.

Many of my coaching clients report that as their day trading improves, the quality of their life improves along with it. If you are this type of aspiring trader, passionate about succeeding, I am confident I can coach you to achieve your goals.

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Secrets of the Top 4%

The largest academic study ever conducted on day traders revealed that most lost money …. even during a raging bull market! About 15% did very well each year, but fewer than 4% of daytraders were able to make significant profits two years in a row.

WHAT’S Your Edge?

Your trading ‘edge’ is the method (set-up) that gives you an advantage beyond chance. Professionals trade with a statistical edge, amateurs trade intuitively,  instinctively and often impulsively.

Moreover, professional traders exploit amateurs who make trading decisions based on emotion. So amateurs have 2 enemies: themselves and others.

Our modern algorithmic markets are designed to fool you. They get you out of good trades by instilling doubt and fear so you change your mind and liquidate. Then the market proceeds to do exactly as you expected. I can help you break this cycle. 

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