Mastering Day Trading Psychology

Trading is harder than it first appears because humans are hard-wired to deal with financial risk in counter-productive ways. That said, if you found me, then I know for sure you are 100% committed to making this work. Trading isn’t rocket science; you can absolutely win at this game.

Most aspiring traders fear loss, but fear is a Catch 22. Our fear causes behaviors that increase losses, so we inadvertently sabotage ourselves.

Trading profitably, therefore, is mostly about training ourselves to do the opposite of what we are naturally inclined to do. The feedback from the market will eventually steer us in the right direction, but the market charges a high price for that coaching. There are more efficient ways to speed up the re-programming process.

Tip #1. Humans are hardwired to assess risk incorrectly, which prompts us to buy high (where we should be selling) and sell low (where we should be buying.) Pros train themselves to do the opposite.

Tip #2. Fear causes traders to view risk as the enemy and take risk off too soon by taking small profits or moving stops quickly to break-even. Risk is what generates profits… no risk, no reward. Cultivate risk-tolerance, not risk reduction.

Tip #3. It’s natural to focus on our P&L, but when we do, we internalize a type of feedback that has emotional impact. This makes it more difficult to trade properly. It may sound weird, but stop trying to make money.

Method and Mindset

“If you can learn to create a state of mind that is not affected by the market’s behavior your struggle will cease to exist. When the internal struggle ends, everything becomes easy. This is when you can finally take advantage of your analytical and technical skills to realize your potential as a trader.”

Mark Douglas
The Disciplined Trader

Is Coaching Right for You?

Whatever your level of intelligence, education or success in life, learning to trade for a living is likely to be the most difficult challenge you have ever faced.

Your business skills will not help you because the day trading environment is completely different than the business environment. Moreover, you are likely to confront certain things about yourself that you are unprepared for.

You may be driven to master trading because it holds the secret not only to your financial future, but to your own self-mastery.

Many of my coaching clients report that as their day trading improves, the quality of their life improves along with it. If you are this type of aspiring trader, passionate about succeeding, I am confident I can coach you to achieve your goals.

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