Mastering Day Trading Psychology

If you’re looking for a trading coach it’s probably because you’ve realized that trading is harder than it first appears.

However, it’s not your fault if you are having difficulties… people are hard-wired to deal with financial risk in counter-productive ways.

After the honeymoon is over, aspiring traders start to fear loss; but fear causes behaviors that increase losses. Then we get stuck in a cycle that feels like self-sabotage.

To break the Fear and Loss Cycle we need a method that we trust and the courage to take those “A” trades despite our doubts and fears. This isn’t just a theory. I’m a trader myself; I trade every day.

And here’s the good news. The vast majority of “psychological” issues dissolve with a more professional method… one that empowers you to trade smarter rather than harder.

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“I have been trading for over 5 years and decided to reach out to Dr. Reid when I was not completely satisfied with my progress. After just a few sessions, he helped me identify my weaknesses and reinforce my strengths. He was patient with my progress and kept encouraging me to improve. Dr. Reid helped me find my bearings and realign my fundamentals of trading. He has helped me grow as a trader and would recommend him to traders who take their careers seriously.”

Note: This trader, who prefers to remain anonymous, is a top trader at a prop shop. Prop shop traders rarely seek coaching but he “takes his career seriously.” When he writes that he hired me because he was “not satisfied with his progress,” let’s just say he has high standards. (He was already making 7-figures in a typical month.) I coached him 3X a week for 3 months. He is very competitive, yet one of the most humble traders I’ve ever worked with.

Method and Mindset

“If you can learn to create a state of mind that is not affected by the market’s behavior your struggle will cease to exist. When the internal struggle ends, everything becomes easy. This is when you can finally take advantage of your analytical and technical skills to realize your potential as a trader.”

Mark Douglas
The Disciplined Trader

Is Coaching Right for You?

Whatever your level of intelligence, education or success in life, learning to trade for a living is likely to be the most difficult challenge you have ever faced.

Your business skills will not help you because the day trading environment is completely different than the business environment. Moreover, you are likely to confront certain things about yourself that you are unprepared for.

You may be driven to master trading because it holds the secret not only to your financial future, but to your own self-mastery.

Many of my coaching clients report that as their day trading improves, the quality of their life improves along with it. If you are this type of aspiring trader, passionate about succeeding, I am confident I can coach you to achieve your goals.

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Create a Winning Mindset (MP3)

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According to Mark Douglas, the #1 characteristic of top traders is a lack of fear. These folks maintain a positive attitude regardless of the outcome of any particular trade. This technology will help you
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Secrets of the Top 4%

The largest academic study ever conducted on day traders revealed that most lost money …. even during a raging bull market! About 15% did very well each year, but fewer than 4% of daytraders were able to make significant profits two years in a row.

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Finally, an easy to understand Personality Profile that shows you exactly which personality traits help (and hurt) your trading!

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